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Pure Mathematics 2 and 3 (International) (Cambridge International Examinations)

by Hugh Neill and Douglas Quadling


This book is part of a series of textbooks created for the new Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) mathematics syllabus. The authors have worked with CIE to assure that the content matches the syllabus and is pitched at a suitable level. Pure Mathematics 2&3 corresponds to syllabus units P2 and P3. The syllabus content is arranged in chapters to provide a viable teaching course. Each chapter starts with a list of learning objectives. Mathematical concepts, terminology and notation are explained clearly and carefully. Key results and procedures appear in boxes for easy reference. Stimulating worked examples take a step-by-step approach to problem solving. There are plenty of exercises throughout, as well as revision exercises and practice exam papers ? all written by experienced examiners. Contents Introduction 1. Polynomials 2. The modulus function 3. Exponential and logarithmic functions 4. Differentiating exponentials and logarithms 5. Trigonometry 6. Differentiating trigonometric functions Revision exercise 1 7. Differentiating products 8. Solving equations numerically 9. The trapezium rule 10. Parametric equations 11. Curves defined implicitly Revision exercise 2 Practice examinations for P2 12. Vectors: lines in two and three dimensions 13. Vectors: planes in three dimensions 14. The binomial expansion 15. Rational functions 16. Complex numbers 17. Complex numbers in polar form 18. Integration 19. Differential equations Revision exercise 3 Practice examinations for P3 Answers Index Printed Pages: 336.

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